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Moving On…

Moving, Moving, Moving…keep those books a moving! Moving Moving Moving, Rawhide? No, we’re not looking to truly rewrite the lyrics to that most popular tune, but we are certainly moving!

Today began the library’s official move back into the original digs. There was much rejoicing…until we saw just how much we had to move. I recall moving into Avila Hall only a few months ago, but it would appear our humble collection of stuff has grown…considerably. For my own part, the trip that took three bags when we moved in to AH took me six today!

Offices are beginning to take on the “owner’s” personality as we slowly move our packages, boxes, and bags in and unpack.

Tomorrow the real fun begins. The books are a’moving. Hallett, the folks who moved our books out in April will be returning in force to put the books back…sort of. As many of you know, we’ve moved to a closed stacks system, so many of the books will be moved into an alternative space next door. We will, however, be keeping the reference books for both Avila and St. Paul’s, the curriculum & children’s lit., play scripts, some folios, and the easl books in the library. In addition to those, we’ll be creating a section for faculty recommendations. These books are meant to be those a faculty member would like students to have quick access too, but not necessarily as important as those that will be placed on reserve.

As we go through this extensive moving process the library will, unfortunately for some of you, remain closed. A grand total of 10 days has been set aside to allow us to get moved in, set up, and settled before the semester gets going. Our soft opening has been (tentatively) planned for August 21st with a “grand opening” ceremony on the 25th. If you are on campus during our closure and are in need of a computer, please go to Hodes. They are, once again, taking care of our displaced students. They will be open from 8 – 5 on the weekdays.

I realize this blog is a little wee, and doesn’t really give too many details as to what is coming. Maybe we want it to be a big surprise, Eh? So, stay tuned to see what sort of fabulous new goodies we’re bringing you in the new space and to get some information about the move!


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Annnnnd…We’re Back!

Did you miss me? I wasn’t really gone, just crazy busy with the BIG MOVE here at the library. As some of you on Avila’s campus may have noticed, the library is no longer in its usual home. We’ve moved in order for our typical building to be renovated. As of this moment I’m chilling in my “lovely” shared office space in the Resident Life office on the first floor of Avila Hall. That’s right! The library has moved a large portion of it’s bulk down to the lobby area on the first floor of Avila Hall. Looking for computers? We’ve got ‘em. Printing? That too. Circulating books? Well…we may have boxed about 85% of the books that were housed in the library and locked them up for the summer. But, don’t despair! We’ve still got the books your professors placed on reserve, the St. Paul’s collection, a hefty supply of reference books, and easy access to Mobius (so we can, you know, get all the books). Basically, the entire library (minus the books and much of the furniture…) has moved via dolly or gator pulled trailer into a variety of spaces on Avila Hall’s first floor. We even have the Archives over here!

If you find yourself lost and alone when trying to locate us, just pop on to the library’s website. We have provided you with a map, complete with “yellow brick road” to follow from the old building to the temporary digs. I will ask, however, that you respect the policies of Avila Hall and enter through the first floor doors. I know it’s tempting to be lazy and stand in the vestibule on the third floor and quietly wish for someone to let you in, but please…get a little more fresh air and walk around to the front. Those doors are wide open and require no amount of wishing, crossed fingers, or possible bribery to get in; all you need is a little arm strength. If you’re still having problems finding us, try contacting us through one of our social media outlets…this blog, for example, or perhaps Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We’re all over the internet…just waiting for something interesting to happen. Go ahead, punk, make my day (more interesting).

In less “directional” news, we’ve taken a TON of pictures and even a few videos of the move and events tied to it. I’m working on sorting through everything to bring you the least boring of the bunch. At this point we’ve got three albums up on Facebook. The first is a variety of pics taken prior to the “BIG MOVE”, “BIG MOVE day 1”, and the third is “BIG MOVE days 2 & 3”. I’ll be posting a new set of photos each day, probably in progressively smaller batches and perhaps adding more to the albums as other library staff sends me what they’ve taken. It has been really interesting seeing all the bits and pieces slowly disappear. Today, when I walked in, it was almost unrecognizable. The floor is torn up and the ceiling is completely gone in sections. All you can see are the exposed beams, some leftover duct work, and a lot of concrete and dust. I’ll be up at the library at least once a day to take new photos until they wont let me in (and then I may slip in anyway…). It is incredibly interesting to see how quickly a space can transition.

Finally, I will leave you with some parting thoughts…until tomorrow. While the move may be over, we still aren’t finished with this craziness yet. The dust wont settle in the library building until mid August! We’ve been working out of our new digs for about a week now, and are trying our best to work out the many kinks we’ve discovered come with our shared and smaller spaces. The library staff begs you to be and thanks you for being patient with us as we continue trying to make this space work well for you, our patrons, as well as ourselves. If nothing else, stop by and see what we’ve done with the space. 🙂


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Big Move!

move picThe Big Move is officially underway! We’ll be closed, beginning today through April 6th. The library will open on April 7th on the first floor of Avila Hall. We will have a good majority of the computers, both printers (hopefully), reserve and reference materials, and St. Paul’s collection (non-circulating). We’ll see you soon!!

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March 31, 2014 · 1:15 pm


Have you stopped by the library lately?  Yes? It’s already starting to look a little different isn’t it?

For those of you who haven’t stopped by in the last couple weeks, we’ve begun the move and it’s in full swing again this week! By the end of the day today, the Archives will be almost completely moved over to Avila Hall. It already looks pretty bare in there! Throughout the week, this week, you’ll also notice the offices and desk areas clearing out or random pieces of furniture just chilling in the middle of the room. As the (rather cheesy) signs around campus will say “pardon our progress”. It’s going to be a little messy and a little noisy in here and Avila Hall this week as we make our final preparations for the “big move” next week.

So what, exactly is happening this week? Here is a peek at our schedule:


  • Pack Circulation Desk & Offices

  • Complete Archives move. Clear Archives area and storage spaces

  • Pack up student DVD’s and Reserves

  • Begin pick up & delivery for furniture not traveling to Avila Hall

  • Organize all loose & current periodicals for move.

  • Move offices & circ. non-essentials to Avila Hall


  • Library moving party!


  • Pack up laptops, cases, DVD cameras, tripods, play scripts, etc.


  • Library Closed

  • Movers move all storage materials to containers and St. Paul’s books to Avila Hall

  • Move computers to Avila Hall


  • Library reopens in Avila Hall

That is our basic timeline. At this moment, the library staff are alternately doing their jobs and packing up their work life. It’s very weird to see these offices and spaces emptying out so quickly. It’s entirely possible that the cage “protecting” the Archives area will be coming down tomorrow! While we all work to make this transition as painless as possible, please bear with us, as we will still be making a little noise and one heck of a mess! You’ll notice that on the 27th we have a library moving party; this party is being “thrown” by Student Life and is (of course) open to the student body. We are waiting on official times, but I do believe it will begin around 5PM. We hope to see you there! We need all the support we can get 🙂

As always, if you need anything or have questions regarding the move or the library in general please feel free to get in touch with us on here, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail at

OH!! Stay tuned for some pictures and video of the move so far!


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As mid-terms lurk around the corner and student making plans for a most excellent spring break trip, the library is preparing for something wholly different. We’re preparing for demolition. Seriously. March 31st, we will begin breaking down the interior walls in our own twisted form of a ground breaking ceremony. It will be epic.

Do I have you freaked out? Don’t be! The library isn’t closing down for good and we’re not demolishing the building. We’re merely renovating our humble abode. On March 31st we’ll knock down one of a few walls that will tumble as a part of our renovation. We will, of course, be closed during this time….but only for a WEEK. The library will be closed starting March 31st, and reopen at 7:30 a.m. on Monday April, 7th.

During this week we will be moving everything out (**Everything Must Go!**), some will go to storage for the summer, some will meet the trashman, and the rest will travel with us over to Avila Hall. While our usual building is being pretty-fied, the more “essential” pieces of the library (librarians, computers, reference, etc.) will be “summering” on the first floor of Avila Hall.

We do have some deadlines quickly approaching…

Here are some dates to remember:

  • TODAY @ 3:30!! Friday, March 14th is the FINAL day to check out any books or other materials. After this day, we’ll begin boxing them up for the summer (Yes, I said summer. Unfortunately we just don’t have the space in Avila Hall to house our collection. Books can be requested from other libraries).

  • TODAY @ 3:30!! Friday, March 14th is the FINAL day for professors to put books on reserve. All books placed on reserve will remain available throughout the renovation and can be checked out for a specific time span and used in the library (only). If you have a book you want on reserve, ask your professor ASAP.

  • Monday, March 17th: The O’Reilly lot will close for Spring Break as trucks move in our storage containers and some construction equipment.

  • Monday, March 24th: Half of the O’Reilly lot will remain closed through commencement. Storage containers and machinery will be blocking these areas.

  • Monday, March 31st – Sunday, April, 6th: Library is CLOSED to move. All online services (databases, catalog, etc.) will remain available.

  • Friday, April 4th: demolishion begins in Hooley Bundschu Library

  • Monday, April 7th: Library re-opens in Avila Hall. Normal hours.

  • Friday, May 9th: Sending ceremony

  • Saturday, May 10th: Commencement!

  • Monday, May 12th: O’Reilly lot fully closed, many construction projects go into full swing.

  • Monday August 18th: Everything should be ready to go!

Want to see what we’ve done so far? Check out this video!

Need directions to the library’s “Summer Home”? Here is a Map and a Video!

Need more information about the move and what will be available? Check out these FAQ!

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Chronicles of a Library Move:

The move is still on as planned! However, we are slowly compiling a more comprehensive plan of action and we’ve developed a FAQ page for students (which will be helpful to faculty and staff as well) here at Avila. If you would like to learn more about our upcoming move, please check this out!

Instead of a lengthy description of what we’re planning at the beginning of April, how about I let you know a little about what we’re planning for our “new” space? Were you even aware that the move in to Avila Hall had a purpose? The move, in fact, serves as our jumping off point to begin a massive renovation of the current library space as well as a new (re-purposed) space in a nearby building. So, without further delay, here is a little list of some of the pretty awesome stuff you’ll see in our renovated space come August!

  • More light! We’re increasing the number of windows to allow in more natural light. We also hope to improve the lighting in the building so it meshes nicely with the natural light.
  • Exponentially more outlets. We know that the lack of power outlets has been a problem for a while, and we’re going to address it this summer! You can plug in your laptops freely!
  • A shift from the cramped and dreary to the spacious and friendly. We’re opening up the space to become a common area for collaborative and social learning experiences.
  • A classroom. Finally. Oh, and it will have walls you can write on. So, that is pretty awesome too.
  • A presentation room. This room will be equipped for giving and videoing presentations.
  • 6, count ’em, 6 group study spaces. These will also have the write on walls.
  • Fewer computer terminals! I realize this sounds awful, since many of you are clamoring for more, but hear me out. We are embracing the shift to mobile technologies and bringing in a new fleet of laptops. We will continue to have wired desktops, just a smaller section. And yes, before you ask, we’re already looking in to wireless printing options. Printing from your iPad could very well be an option in the Fall.
  • More comfortable seating! We’re bringing in some new comfy furniture for all you students (and some faculty) to camp out on between classes, while doing home work, or studying for finals.
  • And last but not least…if all goes as planned, we’ll finally have a vending machine! Whether it will be in the library or in the lobby is yet to be determined, but still, no more walks to O’Riley!

That is all the news I have for you all today. Stay tuned for updates! I believe we’ll be posting some pics of our earl progress in moving the Archives soon!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me here, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

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The mooooooove [early warning]

The library move is coming. *Cue menacing music*

I’m guessing some of you lovely readers are confused by this. To clear the confusion: The library will be undergoing a renovation/remodel beginning late in the Spring ‘14 semester. In order to continue serving the campus we have opted to relocate until the remodel is complete (August 1st, at this point). Here are all the details we have currently:

  • The library will close March 30th (Sunday) to begin moving to our “Summer home”.
  • We will reopen April 7th (Monday).
  • At this point, our hours of operation are up for discussion.
  • During the full period of the remodel (March 30th – August 1st) the Avila circulating collection, periodicals, the Curriculum & Children’s collections, and play scripts will be unavailable for use.
  • St. Paul’s School of Theology’s collection will be moved to our new home, per an agreement with them. These materials will remain available during the remodel.
  • Hooley-Bundschu Library will be relocating to Avila Hall (first floor) for the duration of the remodel.
  • We will release updated spring and summer schedules as they become available.
  • There is a possibility of a change to building/library access during our stay in Avila Hall. Please stay tuned for updates!
  • Reference and Reserve materials will remain available in our temporary Avila Hall home.
  • Faculty: If you need to place any materials on reserve for the final weeks of the Spring semester or for any Summer classes, you must do so by March 15th. Please contact Becky Nichols (x2428) with requests and questions.
  • Mobius and Interlibrary Loan lending will remain available through the remodel.
  • Materials will be delivered to our temporary location for pick up.
  • If you need assistance requesting materials, please do not hesitate to ask any of the library staff!
  • Also making the move: Most (if not all) of our computers, printers, the archives, and the library staff.
  • Locations of these items and offices are still in flux. We will post a “map” of locations once the areas have been finalized.
  • Our temporary location at Avila Hall will still allow us to have a kitchen area, the computers will have internet access, and WiFi should be available. We are also considering setting up a quiet study area/room if space is available.
  • All databases and e-books will remain available throughout the remodel. These can also be accessed off campus, using your Avila login information.

If you would like further explanation or have questions, feel free to comment here (or through Facebook or Twitter), e-mail, call, or stop by the library.

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