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Chronicles of a Library Move:

The move is still on as planned! However, we are slowly compiling a more comprehensive plan of action and we’ve developed a FAQ page for students (which will be helpful to faculty and staff as well) here at Avila. If you would like to learn more about our upcoming move, please check this out!

Instead of a lengthy description of what we’re planning at the beginning of April, how about I let you know a little about what we’re planning for our “new” space? Were you even aware that the move in to Avila Hall had a purpose? The move, in fact, serves as our jumping off point to begin a massive renovation of the current library space as well as a new (re-purposed) space in a nearby building. So, without further delay, here is a little list of some of the pretty awesome stuff you’ll see in our renovated space come August!

  • More light! We’re increasing the number of windows to allow in more natural light. We also hope to improve the lighting in the building so it meshes nicely with the natural light.
  • Exponentially more outlets. We know that the lack of power outlets has been a problem for a while, and we’re going to address it this summer! You can plug in your laptops freely!
  • A shift from the cramped and dreary to the spacious and friendly. We’re opening up the space to become a common area for collaborative and social learning experiences.
  • A classroom. Finally. Oh, and it will have walls you can write on. So, that is pretty awesome too.
  • A presentation room. This room will be equipped for giving and videoing presentations.
  • 6, count ’em, 6 group study spaces. These will also have the write on walls.
  • Fewer computer terminals! I realize this sounds awful, since many of you are clamoring for more, but hear me out. We are embracing the shift to mobile technologies and bringing in a new fleet of laptops. We will continue to have wired desktops, just a smaller section. And yes, before you ask, we’re already looking in to wireless printing options. Printing from your iPad could very well be an option in the Fall.
  • More comfortable seating! We’re bringing in some new comfy furniture for all you students (and some faculty) to camp out on between classes, while doing home work, or studying for finals.
  • And last but not least…if all goes as planned, we’ll finally have a vending machine! Whether it will be in the library or in the lobby is yet to be determined, but still, no more walks to O’Riley!

That is all the news I have for you all today. Stay tuned for updates! I believe we’ll be posting some pics of our earl progress in moving the Archives soon!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me here, on Facebook, or on Twitter!


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Chocolate Mint Day!

Love Andes Mints? Can’t go a day without indulging in some Mint-Chip ice cream? Actively crave Thin Mints 90% of the year (minus a couple weeks in Feb. when they are available easily)?

Do you like it when this: chocolate                                                              is mixed with this:            mint


Today is National Chocolate Mint Day!

Go out and celebrate with your favorite minty chocolates or chocolatey mints! Better yet, stop by the library (today) and snag a chocolate mint while supplies last!

If you’ve got a hankering to do some baking or general kitchen concocting, here are some fabulous “chocolate mint” themed recipes!

Chocolate Mint Milkshake

Chocolate Mint Brownies

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip Pie

Easy Thin Mints (Girl Scouts knock-off!)

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How librarians nab a valentine

In lieu of the typical post for this site, I’ve decided to honor Valentine’s Day in a purely librarian way: cheesy librarian pick-up lines. Prepare to be amazed by the tremendously creative use of library vernacular.

This Valentine’s Day, woo your future lover with any of these 10 fabulous lines:

  1. Mind if I check you out?

  1. Are you a librarian? Well, I really need to be shushed!

  1. No one believes I am a librarian, maybe you should try to check me out.

  1. You have the tightest hair bun in the place!

  1. Let’s play search engine: enter your search terms and see if you get positive results.

  1. I’d catalog you under “Desirable”!

  1. Dewey belong together, or is it just me?

  1. Can I have your call number?

  1. Wanna have 306.7?

  1. Hey girl, I like cats, Doctor Who, books, and that cardigan you’re wearing. (works best if you are Ryan Gosling)

I hope you’re not too scandalized. Librarians are an odd bunch. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Celebrate wisely, and we’ll see you all on Monday!

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A Sister, a steer, and the need for some cash…

It’s time. This Saturday (Feb. 15th) marks the date of the 38th annual Steer Dinner at Avila University. This steak dinner and silent auction supports the legacy of Sister Olive Louise Dallavis, the S.O.L.D Fund. Funds raised through the dinner and auction are used to generate scholarships for Avila University students in need.

The first Steer Dinner was hosted in 1977 in the school cafeteria. It all started when a group of local business men purchased Jimmy C (short for Jimmy Carter), an American Royal Grand Champion Steer. Those gentlemen then donated the enormous steer to Sister Olive Louise, then president of Avila University. Needing to turn the gift of Jimmy C into cash, she decided to put together a steak dinner in the modestly decorated cafeteria. The event has grown tremendously since the first dinner, and has raised more than $6 million in scholarship monies.

This year, the event will be hosted at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. The honorary chairpersons are Dave and Geri Frantze and the event chairpersons are Kenneth and Marilyn Hager. If you are interested in attending, tickets are $250 ($100 for faculty/staff and recent alumni) and $2500 to sponsor a table (10 seats). Sponsorships are also available at varying dollar amounts. Sponsorship and Table hosts will be receive recognition in the event program as well as on the Steer Dinner website.

If you would like further information please visit the Steer Dinner website, here. If you would like to register for the event please head over here.

Oh! We do have one last piece of “memorabilia” from the first dinner:

Meet Jimmy C!

This is the hide of the beast that started it all. Currently he resides in the archives at Hooley-Bundschu Library.

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The Day We Fight Back

Today is the day we fight back.


Businesses, organizations, and individuals are banding together today to “fight” back against NSA surveillance. Reminiscent of the SOPA/PIPA protests from a few years ago, this will take place largely on the web, but there will be public events held all over the world. This movement is called…

“The Day We Fight Back”TDWFBAvatar

If you are unaware of the whole NSA scandal/debacle, I will try an explain it as clearly as possible (and wonder under which rock you have been living). Briefly, the NSA (National Security Agency for the U.S.) apparently was collecting data from phone calls, texts, emails, and general internet use of citizens around the world, including Americans. This was all brought to light by Edward Snowden, a NSA employee who is now very much on the run. Snowden, leaked documents and information detailing the government surveillance and data collection. Further documents have come forth, implying they were getting data from technology giants like Verizon, Google, and Yahoo. There have also been whispers of businesses and organizations being tapped for information being held to an NDA (non-disclosure ‘agreement’), effectively disallowing them to speak about any of their dealings with the NSA. The government has yet to truly clear the air, and it is evident that there are differing opinions as to what to do about the leaks as well as how to handle situations like this going forward.

What does this mean for us? Well, it could mean nothing…we still don’t know the amount of data collected or from whom it was collected. Nor do we know who was targeted, if anyone specific. Many believe this is an invasion of privacy. People are, apparently, not too keen on anyone (let alone their own government) possibly getting a view of their text conversations or what sites they visit online. There is, understandably, some moral and ethical outrage. There have been suggestions of a very 1984-esque “Big Brother” operation.

This whole catastrophe has an effect on everyone, though, not just individuals. Libraries could be “asked” to provide personal information about patrons and would have no recourse for refusing. Google may have to turn over e-mail account information for their millions of users. No one knows how far this surveillance has already gone, nor do they know how far it could go if not contained now.

As your friendly blogging librarian, I am not asking you to pick any sides, but i am asking you to be knowledgeable about what this NSA ‘thing’ is all about and the effects it could have on you and the institutions you are a part of.

If you would like to join the ‘fight’, please visit this site to learn how to help.

If you would like to learn more about the leaks, the NSA, and the whole catastrophe in general, please visit these sites:

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The mooooooove [early warning]

The library move is coming. *Cue menacing music*

I’m guessing some of you lovely readers are confused by this. To clear the confusion: The library will be undergoing a renovation/remodel beginning late in the Spring ‘14 semester. In order to continue serving the campus we have opted to relocate until the remodel is complete (August 1st, at this point). Here are all the details we have currently:

  • The library will close March 30th (Sunday) to begin moving to our “Summer home”.
  • We will reopen April 7th (Monday).
  • At this point, our hours of operation are up for discussion.
  • During the full period of the remodel (March 30th – August 1st) the Avila circulating collection, periodicals, the Curriculum & Children’s collections, and play scripts will be unavailable for use.
  • St. Paul’s School of Theology’s collection will be moved to our new home, per an agreement with them. These materials will remain available during the remodel.
  • Hooley-Bundschu Library will be relocating to Avila Hall (first floor) for the duration of the remodel.
  • We will release updated spring and summer schedules as they become available.
  • There is a possibility of a change to building/library access during our stay in Avila Hall. Please stay tuned for updates!
  • Reference and Reserve materials will remain available in our temporary Avila Hall home.
  • Faculty: If you need to place any materials on reserve for the final weeks of the Spring semester or for any Summer classes, you must do so by March 15th. Please contact Becky Nichols (x2428) with requests and questions.
  • Mobius and Interlibrary Loan lending will remain available through the remodel.
  • Materials will be delivered to our temporary location for pick up.
  • If you need assistance requesting materials, please do not hesitate to ask any of the library staff!
  • Also making the move: Most (if not all) of our computers, printers, the archives, and the library staff.
  • Locations of these items and offices are still in flux. We will post a “map” of locations once the areas have been finalized.
  • Our temporary location at Avila Hall will still allow us to have a kitchen area, the computers will have internet access, and WiFi should be available. We are also considering setting up a quiet study area/room if space is available.
  • All databases and e-books will remain available throughout the remodel. These can also be accessed off campus, using your Avila login information.

If you would like further explanation or have questions, feel free to comment here (or through Facebook or Twitter), e-mail, call, or stop by the library.

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(not our) National Libraries Day!

Saturday is National Libraries Day…but in the United Kingdom. This is, of course, a bit of a bummer for United States libraries. No matter! We can still celebrate in our own way. 🙂

Across the UK libraries will be pulling out all the stops, showing their patrons just what they are capable of, as well as hosting a variety of events for all ages. Each library has it’s own plan for celebration. Some will host a party, others will have a “petting zoo” for new e-readers or incoming electronics, still others will have crafting events or story hours throughout the day. It’s not just public libraries, either. Academic and special libraries are welcome to showcase their goods as well. Nuffield College Library took the offer and ran with it, dedicating a blog post to a behind the scenes look at their archive collections.

Want to celebrate your libraries on UK’s National Libraries Day? What not stop in to Hooley-Bundschu Library and check out what we’ve got available? Or perhaps mosey down to one of the many public libraries in the area, get a library card, and check out a couple of cheesy romance novels for the weekend? Your friendly blogging librarian will be hitting up the Mid-Continent Library branch in Lees Summit to pick up a couple of graphic novels to plow through over the chilly weekend. Go Libraries!

If you want to show your Avila University library some love, hop over to our Facebook Page and give us a like, or perhaps follow us on Twitter!

Happy National Libraries Day to all the libraries in the UK and around the world!

Check out some of the festivities listed on the National Libraries Day Website or the Facebook Page!

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Snow Day!!

Just a quick update for my Avila University readers: Avila’s campus will be closed tomorrow! Everyone stay safe and enjoy your free day! If you must go out, be safe and prepared! I will do my best to keep you posted on any updates or changes to schedules for Wednesday! image

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Weekend Update

This past weekend was quite an exciting one in the pop culture world! Sunday, specifically, blew up twitter in a variety of different ways. We had the Super Bowl (game, commercials, & half-time show), Groundhog Day, and the passing of beloved actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. On top of that the KC area got a “lovely” sheeting of ice on Friday afternoon, leading to a variety of problems throughout the weekend.

So, in lieu of a more “educational” post, we’re going to start this first week of February with a weekend re-cap. You know, in case you live under a rock (and somehow have internet access) and missed this weekends happenings. So, here are ALL THE THINGS from this weekend:

  • Ice…everywhere. Beginning Friday afternoon Kansas City decided to reenact Atlanta’s slippery mishaps from last week. It all started out as a light drizzle, which no one expected to flash freeze on all surfaces. The roads went from wet to ice rink in a matter of minutes. Multiple crashes ensued, highways were closed, and stopping &/or turning became a crap shoot. To all of you brave souls who traveled anywhere on Friday afternoon, bravo on being around to read this blog! For many of us, we are still dealing with ice rink conditions on our driveways, sidewalks, and small/less traveled side streets. This problem is about to be exacerbated by the on coming boatload (technical terms, of course) of snow heading our way Tuesday. Yay!

  • Groundhog Day. I’m guessing about 90% of you know what goes on for Groundhog Day. In case you don’t, here is the gist: a groundhog in Pennsylvania emerges* from his den and does or does not see his shadow. If he sees his shadow, six more weeks of Winter; no shadow, early Spring! This lovely rodent is named Punxsutawney Phil and the big celebration takes place in Punxsutawney, PA. This year, he saw his shadow. Six more weeks of Winter are heading our way, I suppose.

*Emerges, meaning taken from his den by strange men in coattails and top hats.*

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman. So sad. He was 46 and was found dead in his apartment with a syringe in his arm. The initial cause of death has been ruled a drug overdose. Because I am sometimes a terrible person, my second thought (after, of course, thinking it was so sad) was: “what about the Hunger Games movies?”. Seriously, I immediately felt terrible for thinking that (but really, what will they do?). My terrible-ness aside, this is a hollywood tragedy, as Hoffman was a great and respected actor. Yet another great has left the fold. Sad sad sad.

  • Super Bowl!

    • The Pre-Game: Was anyone else confused by the replay of an interview of Barack Obama by Bill O’Riley? It was a little upsetting considering I had been watching the festivities and happy/fun interviews with Bill Murray and Jamie Foxx just moments before. Not your greatest move Fox.

    • The Game: Well that was…interesting. I think the nation was pretty well split on who would win (Vegas polls were almost 50/50). Both teams had great year, each finishing 13 – 1 and generally destroying their competition either by a crazy good passing game (Denver) or a mean defensive line (Seattle/Legion of BOOM). Needless to say, the Legion of Boom was at the top of their game, stopping Denver almost every time. Seattle put the beat down on Denver, beating them 43 – 8. Some are saying Denver didn’t “show up”, but I disagree. I think Denver played a good game, maybe not their best, but they still played hard. Seattle was just that good; they clearly had the best game of their season. I’m happy for them, even if I was rooting for Denver, they earned that win fair and square.

    • Half-Time Show: Bruno Mars & The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Wow! That was one heck of a performance, and it’s always nice to see people clearly enjoying what they are doing. Was anyone surprised that Flea and Anthony Kiedis were shirtless? I really hope not. Those leggings, though, were a bit more surprising. Bruno Mars showed the world (or at least the millions watching) why he is so liked. He put on one heck of a show, starting with a mighty fine drum solo and then moving into “Locked out of Heaven”, “Treasure”, and a James Brown laced version of “Runaway Baby”. After a brief RHCP interlude (which was…special), Mars finished with “Just the Way You Are” and tugged the heartstrings by peppering in shoutouts from deployed service men/women. It was a good show.

    • The Commercials: These were a little “Meh” this year, eh? It seems as if everyone was going for the “touchy feely” styled commercial. Props to the creator of the first Doritos commercial…it was pretty good. I was pleased-ish with the M&M’s commercial with Boris the Blade (Rade Serbedzija). My overall favorites were 1) Jaguar’s commercial with British actors Tom Hiddleston, Ben Kingsley, and Mark Strong. It was a decent commercial, but mostly I was just enjoying the view (I dig the Hiddles). 2) The pistachio commercial with the eagle in a suit and Stephen Colbert. 3) Chevy’s commercial with the bull…it made me giggle.

Well, now you should be pretty well caught up on the weekend’s big happenings. Go forth with that knowledge and do…something. I’m not entirely sure how  you could use that information, but at least you will be able to participate in any “water cooler” conversations today. Have a good week folks!

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