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Mobius…books from beyond!

Mobius (mow-bee-us)…it’s an odd word isn’t it? It’s an odd word, but one that could be incredibly useful to you when you’re working on research projects. Mobius is the statewide consortium (of which Avila is a part) that works with libraries to offer discounted database and periodical subscriptions as well as creates an enormous lending network for all members. So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that we can provide you with more and better options for locating articles and WE CAN GET YOU BOOKS FROM ALL OVER THE STATE!

The Mobius consortium membership includes the majority of colleges and universities in Missouri as well as many public and special libraries. Each library is assigned a “cluster” based on geographic location and tends to work more closely with their cluster libraries. Avila is a part of the Kansas City cluster, so we work closely with (and can get materials pretty quickly from) universities, colleges, and some public libraries in the area (UMKC, Rockhurst, KC Public Library, etc.).

If you happen to need a book that we do not have access to at Avila, Mobius is going to be  your way to (hopefully) get a copy of that book. To get these books, your first task is to make sure Avila doesn’t already have a copy of it by searching here. If your search comes up blank, your next step should be to check the KC cluster options, which is here. Still nothing? Now you will have to check the full Mobius catalog, here.

In all of your basic searching options, you can search by title, author, subject, or journal/magazine. As always, if you search by author you need to put the last name first. If your search leads you to the full Mobius catalog, you will have more options for the basic search. In any of the searches, you are welcome to opt for the “Advanced Search”, which will help you narrow search results that are broad.

When requesting books, you will need to have your “user ID”. At Avila your user ID is your last name, first initial, middle initial, and your zip code (ex: A person named James A. Grant living in this area would be: grantja64145). If you have any problems requesting materials, you will need to contact the library or stop by the circulation desk.

When you request a book, it will be sent to your “home” library (at Avila, it will be the campus library), but you can also have them sent to other libraries within your cluster if they are more convenient for you. This ability makes mobius a fabulous and relatively quick way for students, faculty, community members, etc. to find information that is not currently available at their local/preferred library.

If you need help requesting materials, or with any step of the process, please feel free to ask any of your friendly neighborhood librarians. Also, you are welcome to ask me any questions in the blog comments or through our Facebook and Twitter (@HooleyBundschu) accounts.


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