As mid-terms lurk around the corner and student making plans for a most excellent spring break trip, the library is preparing for something wholly different. We’re preparing for demolition. Seriously. March 31st, we will begin breaking down the interior walls in our own twisted form of a ground breaking ceremony. It will be epic.

Do I have you freaked out? Don’t be! The library isn’t closing down for good and we’re not demolishing the building. We’re merely renovating our humble abode. On March 31st we’ll knock down one of a few walls that will tumble as a part of our renovation. We will, of course, be closed during this time….but only for a WEEK. The library will be closed starting March 31st, and reopen at 7:30 a.m. on Monday April, 7th.

During this week we will be moving everything out (**Everything Must Go!**), some will go to storage for the summer, some will meet the trashman, and the rest will travel with us over to Avila Hall. While our usual building is being pretty-fied, the more “essential” pieces of the library (librarians, computers, reference, etc.) will be “summering” on the first floor of Avila Hall.

We do have some deadlines quickly approaching…

Here are some dates to remember:

  • TODAY @ 3:30!! Friday, March 14th is the FINAL day to check out any books or other materials. After this day, we’ll begin boxing them up for the summer (Yes, I said summer. Unfortunately we just don’t have the space in Avila Hall to house our collection. Books can be requested from other libraries).

  • TODAY @ 3:30!! Friday, March 14th is the FINAL day for professors to put books on reserve. All books placed on reserve will remain available throughout the renovation and can be checked out for a specific time span and used in the library (only). If you have a book you want on reserve, ask your professor ASAP.

  • Monday, March 17th: The O’Reilly lot will close for Spring Break as trucks move in our storage containers and some construction equipment.

  • Monday, March 24th: Half of the O’Reilly lot will remain closed through commencement. Storage containers and machinery will be blocking these areas.

  • Monday, March 31st – Sunday, April, 6th: Library is CLOSED to move. All online services (databases, catalog, etc.) will remain available.

  • Friday, April 4th: demolishion begins in Hooley Bundschu Library

  • Monday, April 7th: Library re-opens in Avila Hall. Normal hours.

  • Friday, May 9th: Sending ceremony

  • Saturday, May 10th: Commencement!

  • Monday, May 12th: O’Reilly lot fully closed, many construction projects go into full swing.

  • Monday August 18th: Everything should be ready to go!

Want to see what we’ve done so far? Check out this video!

Need directions to the library’s “Summer Home”? Here is a Map and a Video!

Need more information about the move and what will be available? Check out these FAQ!


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