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Internet of “Stuff”!

In this week’s edition of the Library Things blog we’re going to talk about weird things on the internet. Which seems redundant, really (weird and the internet are pretty much interchangeable terms). A large part of my position is to scour the internet looking for “stuff”, and boy-howdy do I ever. That may be the first time I’ve ever used the phrase “boy-howdy”…and the last. I am leaving it, but I don’t like it. Anyway…today, as a part of my never ending search for “stuff” today I came across some particularly entertaining items compliments of Buzzfeed. Some were games, some were just interactive clicky things, others were just completely random and I’m going to share this glorious list of items with you, for your entertainment (of course).

#1: You’re Getting Old. This is both an awful truth and the name of the site. You simply enter in your birth date and voila! Details about how long you’ve been on this earth and some rando events that happened since you graced the world with your presence.

#2: GeoGuessr. This is a fabulous time suck for those amused by locations and quizzy items. You are shown a Google Maps styled area that could be anywhere in the world. You can explore some and you have to try to figure out where you’ve been placed. Sometimes the answers are obvious, sometimes they seem obvious. Fabulously entertaining for the strange folks like me, your humble blogging librarian.

#3 Hacker Typer. This is a weird one. Have you ever wanted to look like one of those fancy hackers in the movies? Well, now you can!! You can type anything…anything whatsoever…and it will generate what appears to be random hacking code. Fun stuff.

#4 Find The Invisible Cow. That’s what you do. Somewhere on this blank white page there is a cow (or goat if you play enough times…and perhaps others, I only tested it a few times). It’s not just moving your mouse over the page though. It’s like a “hot-cold” game with some dude saying “cow” over and over in varying tones based on how close you are. If he’s screaming, you’re close. Stupidly amusing.

#5 idaft. Are you a fan of Daft Punk? Have you ever wanted to be one of the guys? Well, have I got a page for you! This fancy little page interacts with your keyboard and basically lets you do the whole “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” song. Amusing.

#6 Incredibox. This is a fun place to kill about…a day. You get 7 dudes to use to make different beats, songs, diddys, whatever. All told you have 20 different noises to choose from some beats, some vocals…you get the idea. If you match up your creation to the ones programmed in, you get to watch a special treat. Oh…and you can record your creations. Fun!

#7 Run Pee. Yes…you read that right. It’s a site that will tell you when you’re safe to take a tinkle break during the movie of your choosing. Naturally, not every movie is on the list, but most stuff currently in theaters has made the page!

#8 Does the Dog Die. Another movie helper site. On this one you can search out your pet themed movies to see if the dog does in fact die. It’s a fabulous page for people like me, who can’t bear watching a beloved pooch perish. Apparently this does not apply just to dogs, but to pets in general. It will also let you know if a pet is injured.

#9 Whale. This page doesn’t actually have a name, so I’m calling it Whale…because that’s all that really is. It’s a killer whale that will follow your mouse around the page. It’s stupid, but amusing. Plus, It’ll kill a few minutes while you try to make it miss.

#10 Pointer Pointer. This is another fairly stupid, but ingenious little site. You move your pointer around (giving it time to think, of course) and it will generate a photo of people (or something) pointing at, or very near, your pointer. Silly.

#11 Akinator. This one has made its rounds about the interwebs fairly recently, but just in case you missed him…Akinator is the web genius/genie. You pick a real or fictional character (in your head) and answer his questions…and he’ll figure it out. It’s pretty surprising really. He’ll usually get it in about 20 questions or so. Apparently Mr. Bean is a befuddling choice if you don’t know too much about Mr. Bean…took him 56 guesses and he still came up with Rowan Atkinson instead of Mr. Bean specifically.

So…there are 11 silly internet goodies to on which you can kill some pretty serious time. These are in no particular order, and you may not find them nearly as amusing as I did, but give them a try just in case!

Have a wonderful week Avila, and stay tuned! I’ll be blogging from VEGAS in a few days!


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Net Neutrality and Libraries

I had not planned on posting today, but yesterday an event took place that I felt I should cover here on Library Things. Yesterday morning, word began spreading about the “end of net neutrality”. In a landmark, and perhaps damning, decision a federal district court struck down ‘net neutrality’ or the nondiscrimination rules of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In the case of Verizon v. FCC, the courts decided in favor of Verizon citing that the FCC does not currently have the authority to enact such rules. The U.S. Court of Appeals has sent the rules back to the FCC, who may attempt to rewrite or rework the rules.

I choose to share this with you because it is a troubling decision for people of all walks, including students, educators, librarians, businesses, almost everyone. The nondiscrimination rules acted to allow a free flow of information and kept companies from “picking favorites” from their users or contributors or restricting the natural flow of the web. With the rules struck down, large net providers (like Verizon) could restrict certain users or sites, direct the “flow” of information to specific channels, create tiered & price based internet service (fast lane/slow lane style), or completely block sites or users at will. I have your attention now, don’t I?

Wondering why this is a big deal for libraries too? Well, one of the core foundations of modern librarianship it the free flow of information. A belief that information should be easily available to all persons is part of the foundation of nearly all libraries. A restriction on our internet or a provider blocking whatever they deem appropriate could stop the information flow we’ve been enjoying for a while now. A restricted or tiered internet could prohibit small start ups and tinkerer’s from getting off the ground and creating masterpieces; imagine what would have happened to Facebook in it’s early days if every net provider channeled users to Myspace only. Not awesome.

What everyone in the library, information, technology, and really…well…everyone waits for now, is to see what exactly happens. We have an idea of all of the bad things that could come of this but we will only know the true impacts when the companies embrace the ruling. At the moment, all we can do is be aware of the problem and look for opportunities where we can help make a change.

If you would like more information about Net Neutrality, Verizon v. FCC, or the possible impacts please check out the following links:







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