What did you do?

Welcome back students!! I hope you all enjoyed your lovely break and had some good times with friends and family for the holidays. The break for your friendly neighborhood librarians is significantly shorter than break for most students, as we need be open to help Avila faculty, international students, and community members who pop in. That being said, we still get time and we love to use it! I’ve added some pictures, below, of some things that I did/experienced over my break…but what I really want, is to hear from you, dear reader! Hop over to our Facebook page and tell us what you did for your break. Feel free to post text, photos, videos…whatever is appropriate and Facebook will allow you to post! I’m looking forward to seeing what you did! 🙂  

Hooley-Bundschu, the last day before break.







I am from Jefferson City, MO…where they got more ice than snow during Winter Storm Falco (I think…). This is the lovely view of a “forested” area in town on Christmas Eve.



My family tends to go a little “overboard” for Christmas. We all love to give and our full-full family celebration usually results in an avalanche of gifts…as seen here. We managed this with a $10 limit (granted there are 15 people…)!


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