There’s an App for that…

Apps, Applications, Tools, whatever you wish to call them…they’re everywhere. Facebook has apps within its own app! With the new year having arrived, let’s talk about some of the best and worst apps (free!) for your devices as of the end of 2013.

Social Media (Andriod/iOS):

1)  Twitter: This year saw the rise of 140 character posts, and it’s still growing!

2)  Facebook: FB app creators keep their app sleek and (generally) easy to use. It’s very similar to your desktop view, which is nice

3)  Vine: Twitter should be proud of its creation. Vine is another already well-loved and growing app as people move into the short video form of social networking.

4)  Honorable Mention: Instagram: We still love you Instagram, and love you more for adding your video feature!

Helpful Stuff:

1)  BillGaurd (iOS only—Android “coming soon”): App keeps track of your spending for you and will ‘highlight’ any charges that seem fraudulent or like a hidden fee. Bonus: It learns where you shop and will find you coupons!

2)  Agent (Android Only): Smart app to improve your phone’s capabilities. Battery save mode, Driving mode/text notifications, Sleeping mode, and it will remember where you parked!

3)  Newsblur (iOS & Android): Decent alternative to Google Reader.

4)  Run Keeper: Uses your phone’s GPS capabilities to track your jogging and cycling routes.


1)  QuizUp (iOS only): Quiz-y questions abound, with a growing library of 200,000+ questions and a multiplayer mode which feels real time. Good times had by all.

2)  Honorable Mention: Doodle Jump (everything!): Goofy little game will keep you entertained. Direct the “Doodler” up disappearing platforms avoiding pitfalls and dangers.

Research Help:

1)  Evernote (everything!): scan and keep your notes, store citations, etc!

2)  Pocket (iOS, Android—maybe): Formerly known as “Read It Later”, it stores articles and pages from websites to read later.

3)  Kindle (Android & iOS): Extremely useful if you already use a Kindle because you can read your Kindle books on your phone. Still very useful without the Kindle, because Amazon has a larger collection of books than iBooks (iPhone/iPad).

…And now for a collection of some of the worst apps discovered in 2013:


1)  Zit Picker: Pick zits and then post your score on Facebook. EW EW EW.

2)  Taxi Hold’em: Want to look like the most obnoxious tourist ever? Well, this app will help…all you do is open the app and the iPhone will flash “Taxi” in black and yellow.

3)  Wooo! Button: The app that says “Wooo” when you push a button. Very exciting.

4)  Tickle Me!: You touch the screen and it sounds like a baby is being tickled, forever.


1)  Beer Counter: keeps track of the number of beers you’ve had. Oh, you can Tweet your number too.

2)  G-massage: Uses the phone vibrations to give you a massage. “A relaxing application”.

3)  Hello My Name Is: Skip the name tag table and just use this app…and hang your phone around your neck?

4)  I Am Rich: An exact copy of a the iPhone app that cost $1000 and has since been banned by apple. The ruby icon reminds you and “others” that you were able to afford this. Oddly, it’s free. So….yep. Useful!

I certainly hope you enjoyed this lovely list! If you’re interested in any of these apps click here for links to the android or iTunes store.


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