It’s National Bean Day!

Do you like beans? Sure hope so, because today is National Bean Day! Break out the legumes and…celebrate? There are hundreds of thousands of options when you are looking for a new favorite bean or legume; I would venture that there is a bean out there for every taste and those who say they hate beans just haven’t found theirs yet.

No one is quite sure why today (Jan. 6th) is National Bean Day, but some believe it is to commemorate the death of geneticist, Gregor Mendel, who was known for using bean and pea plants to test his inheritance theories. Mendel died on Jan. 6th, 1884.

If you’d like to celebrate, go out and find yourself some beans to cook up! My favorite is some kind of bean soup, which is super easy to make (beans, frozen veg, and broth). If you are opposed to the consumption of any bean, get crafty and make some fancy bean art like these folks:

Fun bean related fact: Beans are a fruit, not a vegetable. Thus the “old” tune: “Beans, beans the magical fruit”

This actually required some research, here is where I looked.


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